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DP Hanoi – One year looking back

Z22Although 2013 has gone, it left on each member of DP Hanoi a pride for contributing a colorful picture to DP Hanoi. These shapes and color palette on that picture helps to visualize more clearly a development way of DP Hanoi. Most of activities and programs were for the strategy vision in the period of 2010 - 2014, which is "By 2014, DP Hanoi will be admitted to be successful in raising awareness and protect equal rights of persons with disabilities by the Party, Authorities, community...
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Operation of the Hanoi Association of People with Disabilities

LogoMission and Objective: 1. Hanoi Association of People with Disabilities (hereafter referred to as DP Hanoi) is a social organization of people with disabilities in Hanoi city area, regardless of any ethnic group, religion, gender, social status, causes of disabilities, and disabled people voluntarily participate in any activities of people with disabilities and for people with disabilities. 2. The Association aims to promote, encourage, assist and create opportunities for people with disabilities...
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DP HaNoi: Overall report of the 2nd term 2009-2012, Orentation plan of the 3nd term 2012-2017

Dp2 On 14th April 2012, the Hanoi Association of People with Disabilities (DP Hanoi) organized the 3rd congress for the term April, 2012 to April, 2017. Achievements, lessons, limitations, and experiences from the 2nd term were shared and the orientation plan for the next phase was presented at the meeting. During the 2nd term of the Association from 2009-2012, Hanoi expanded from 14 districts to 29 districts, including districts of former Ha Tay province. The number of people with disabilities (PWD) up to May,...
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About DP Hanoi

Logo(1) The organization; (2) Map of DP Hanoi structure; (3) The purpose of the Association; (4) Main activities. Hanoi Disabled People Association (DP Hanoi) was established by the decision No. 266/QĐ-UB dated 16th January 2006 of the chairman of Hanoi People's Committee. The officially first General Assembly in order to establish DP Hanoi was organized on April, 12th 2006 and the second was on April, 12th 2009. DP Hanoi is a social organization of the disabled in Hanoi City area, who come from any background, ethnicity, religion, gender, social status, causes of disabilities, and who are voluntarily willing to participate in any activities of the disabled and for the disabled.
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Regulation on Organization and Operation of the Hanoi Disabled People Association

Dai-HoiDecision on "Approval of the Regulation on the Organization and Operation of the Hanoi Disabled People Association". Pursuant to the Law on organization of People's Committee and People's Council dated on November 26th, 2003; Pursuant to the Decree No. 88/2003/ND - CP dated on July 30th, 2003 by the Government on the organization, operation and management of associations; Pursuant to the Decision No. 266/QD-UBND dated on January 16th, 2006 of Hanoi People's Committee on the establishment of the Hanoi Disabled People Association...
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Quận Cầu Giấy, Thành phố Hà Nội

DP Hanoi office: Tang 5, Cung Tri Thuc Hanoi, D25*, Tran Thai Tong str., P. Dich Vong Hau,
Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

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